Manurhin K’MX has become part of the group in 2004.

Led by Lorenzo Tajariol (son of Andrea Tajariol), the French company provides machine tailoring and service in France and Germany. Worldwide customer service is provided by the other companies of the group.Manurhin is now facing the market with a new high-end line of CNC sliding head lathes, with bar diameter ranging from 2 to 36 millimeters, from 4 linear axes to 10.

All the Manurhin machines are designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of power, rigidity and accuracy.

New machines design and production is entrusted to the specialists of TAJMAC-ZPS


Z.I. De la Doller
2 rue de la Plaine d'Alsace,

68520 Burnhaupt-le-haut


+33 (0) 3 89 62 33 33

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