Founded by the Bata family in 1903 for shoemaking machines production, in 1950 was renamed into ZPS (Závody Presenèho Strojirenstvì - “Precision Machines Factory”).

The company has become part of the group in 2000, receiving its actual denomination.The general direction of TAJMAC-ZPS is entrusted to Michele Tajariol (son of Andrea Tajariol). The machines are built according to the highest quality standard and are supplied to the most demanding companies in the world.

Our production range includes:

- Multispindle automathic lathes

- Sliding stock lathes (Or swiss type)

- Vertical machining centers

- Horizontal machining centers

- Plastic injection molding machines

- Gantry type machining centers

- Third party machine tools

The unique characteristic of TAJMAC-ZPS is its integrated structure, which allows a total quality control throughout the entire production process. Starting from the machine design, passing through the models and castings production, then reaching production, assembly and final testing. Each production phase is carried out into the company, so the quality could always be guaranteed.

The machines castings are produced by ZPS-Slevarna, considered the best foundry in Europe for machine tool basements and components. 1200 employees, among which over 100 design engineers, represent the company strength.


trida 3, kvetna 1180
76302 Zlin, Malenovice

Czech Republic

+420 57 7532072


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