Welcome to the TAJMAC GROUP

The beginning of the company

Starting from humble origins, Tajmac grew up to the point of becoming one of the most important machine tool producers in Europe. Founded before World War Two by Amedeo Tajariol, the company was brought to its knees by the 1944 attacks. Amedeo rebuilt the company with great determination, and the new company, Macchine Utensili Tajariol, started selling automatic lathes in all the country.

Today the business goes on

Seventy years later, TAJMAC is still a family business, with Amedeo’s son Andrea and the grandchildren Michele and Lorenzo working in the company. TAJMAC family has grown up in the meantime. Today we are a global company capable of supplying lathes and metalworking machinery to all the producers in the world. Our operations are widespread all around the world, from the foundry in Czech Republic to our distributors in India, China and America. Wherever there is need of quality turning machines, there is a division of TAJMAC group ready to take the challenge. TAJMAC is more than just a supplier. We design and produce lathes for every kind of sector, following the applications’ evolution and integrating the most advanced technologies. Our strength gives us the possibility to invest into the most advanced production plants and, thanks to our know-how, we are able to provide tailored solutions to our customers.

The Tajmac Group philosophy

Since the parts manufacturing is becoming everyday more complex and exigent, our engineers work together with our customers to develop the productive process with the goal of maximizing the customers’ competitivity and profit. The following pages represent an introduction to the TAJMAC Group companies and their products. Each market has different needs, but all the companies share the same vision and the same goal, that is to provide quality, service and support to the metalworking companies.

In TAJMAC, engineering is rushing through our veins. We provide simple solutions for complex problems.

Welcome to the the family

Andrea Tajariol, CEO

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